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Finding the Perfect Wedding Reception Venue

Picking an ideal venue for your big day is one of the most significant decisions you will go through in the course of the planning process. One factor that most couples often emphasize too much one is the budget and forgetting the little critical elements that may make a difference between a horrible wedding reception venue and a wonderful one. Besides the budget, of course, you will be looking for that special feeling picking out “the one”; however, there are other elements that you ought to look at as well. So how do you find the perfect wedding reception Jacksonville FL? The following are a few deciding details to pay attention to assist you in finding the best reception venue for your wedding.

You want the wedding reception site to match your wedding theme, and therefore, it’s unrealistic selecting the venue before the theme. Therefore, discuss the theme together with your fiance, and decide on one that fits both parties. From there, reflect on how best to articulate it through decor, menu as well the color theme. Decide whether you are going for a casual or formal theme, whether it’s outdoors or indoors, as that will determine what venue will fit you.

Moreover, you have to think through your style. Decide whether you are looking for a site that will serve both as a ceremony and reception site, or you want the two events to be held in two distinct locations. It isn’t a minor decision, as it can influence the mood of the whole day. As much as it is your wedding, remember that the preference and convenience of guests matters, and you should ensure the style fits the guests too. If you are yearning for pigeon suits and gala gowns, then you ought to go for a single, formal space as it will suit the style best.

You want the space to have enough room for everyone. As obvious as it may seem, space is quite elemental when it comes to searching for the ideal wedding reception venue. So ensure that the area you go for is large enough to hold the list of guests you are expecting. However, looking at the space without any structure may be deceiving. Without the fittings and decorate, you may think a location is larger, while, in reality, it may not be once everything is in place. The most suitable way to assess it is when another similar wedding with the same size is all set up.

Furthermore, make sure you are looking at the site’s privacy. However, privacy varies extensively by location, as does the significance, the couples place on it. If you’re planning or a daytime function in a public area, like a park or botanical garden, for instance, you are likely to spot strangers trekking past your event. That may not be an issue to some. However, if you value privacy, then go for a location that will offer exclusive access only to those welcomed to the party.

Think about the lighting of the reception site as it can make or break both the mood and space. For a daytime ceremony, confirm that the venue has plenty of light, especially if it’s indoors. On the other hand, an evening affair should be adequately lit as no one would want spending hours in a dim space.

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