Boxer is most loyal and loving dogs adopted by thousands of people and increasing. Boxers are intelligent dogs, and they love their owner and fiercely guard their home and family. Male dogs grow big to the size of 25 inches, and weight is almost 60 to 80 pounds. Boxer breed was firstly born in Germany, and they are considering as the large breed dog.

Basic food for boxer

The primary source of food that boxer mostly eat are rye, oat, poultry, and pork. The nutrition requirement of boxer puppies can be 6 to 10 times a day while they are growing. A normal boxer can grow their weight up to 60 pounds, and they need high nutrition during the rapid growth period. Basic food for boxer must follow this prescription

  • 30% of protein and 9 % of fat on dry basis
  • Calcium contents around 2% or 3grams/1000kcal
  • Phosphorus content around 0.9% to 1.1%


Feeding an adult boxer

An adult boxer needs more energy because their body got big and their activity level increased. You should not change food suddenly, but you change it slowly in the week. Adult Boxer needs nutrition to meet the required energy level and to repair body tissue. The amount that you must feed to your boxer depends on two things

  • Body size
  • Activity level

Energy requirement varies from dog to dog because they are not same and their activities are not same as well. On front page more basic feed plans for a boxer.

How often you must feed?

The feeding times must be set, and you must split their nutrition requirement into two meals so that they would not feel hungry at night. Boxer is considered adult when they reach at the age of 2 years, and their body is grown up. You must put proteins and carbs in the diet of the adult dog and make it real healthy. You can purchase food from the market, but that would not be really healthy because they are filled with fillers, and they lack the amount fo nutrition that is written on the box.

Making beef for boxer at home

You can make easy beef for your boxer because it would give him more energy and will fulfill the requirement for the whole day. You can make chicken or beef according to your choice. You can also give them fish which is full or proteins and vitamins.

  • Take half pound beef and boil it in the boiler and let the inner temperature of the beef reach 150 degree
  • Boil eggs and vegetables like potatoes and carrots
  • Mix both in a bowl and serve to your boxer

Commercial food brand

If you don’t have time to cook for your dog then you can purchase food for the boxer from the market we will recommend you some brands that have fewer fillers and might be sufficient for your dog’s need.

  • Orijen six fish dry dog food
  • Addiction Grain free salmon
  • Acana Duck & Barlett pear formula
  • Blue basic grain-free salmon

With commercial food, you must give your dog fresh water to keep him hydrated, and he will be more active with sufficient amount of water in the body.