What to Look for in a Buffet Catering Service

Event planners have enough on their plates without worrying about buying and preparing food. That’s why most of them opt to hire catering services.

Choosing the best buffet catering service in Singapore can still be a challenge, though. Read on to find out what to look for in a caterer to make this important decision a little easier.

Ability to Handle the Type of Event

Catering an intimate wedding requires a different skill set than providing a buffet for a large, public event. Give the caterer a clear idea of the type of event being planned and what kind of food it will require and be upfront about dietary restrictions such as halal certification. Event planners can also ask about the catering service’s experience with similar events.

Plenty of Options

Work with a buffet caterer that offers plenty of options so that everyone at the event will find something that meets his or her unique needs and preferences. Most catering services offer at least a few different menus and some offer their clients the additional flexibility of being able to change one or more dishes, as long as they give plenty of advanced notice.

Professionalism and Good Customer Service

Event planners should feel like they’re working with dedicated, experienced professionals, not amateurs. The company’s representatives should always be willing to answer questions and be willing to accommodate their customers’ needs.

Good Reviews

Good customer service preceding the event will increase the chances of the company behaving with professionalism on the big day, but it can also help to read a few testimonials or reviews prior to choosing who to work with. If other customers have complained about a company’s service, look elsewhere for a caterer.

Ability to Accommodate Dietary Needs

Look for a caterer that is halal certified and able to provide vegetarian options to accommodate guests’ dietary restrictions. If hosts anticipate serving food to guests who have additional, less common dietary restrictions they should make a point of asking the caterer about their options in advance. One benefit of buffet catering is that it makes it easier for everyone attending the event to find something he or she will enjoy.