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Advantages of Instructor-led Training Methods

There’s a great boost on the growth of eLearning during the past decades. In fact, there are reports that shows there are thousands of companies who have increased eLearning training content to 40%. Though eLearning can be an inexpensive alternative compared to classroom training, the result that it can give cannot really surpass the result when it comes to the knowledge which instructor-led training can give.

With the new training technologies that are out today, below are some of the benefits of instructor-led training can give.

Provides a Focused Environment

When talking about knowledge retention, instructor-led training is the best one for the job. One of the reasons why many people prefer the instructor-led training is for the reason that the classrooms are able to give a more focused environment on learning, which then encourage meaningful discussions. Such reinforcement of knowledge in fact allows on the expansion of learning of which any on-demand training could never offer. You can increase the level of retention of your learners through the instructor-led training option where it will help in engaging and focusing the audience.

Providing Context on Complexity

When talking about skills which needs engagement, interaction as well as deep analysis, an instructor-led training is the best one to go for. A professional development and leadership training is a training that is highly complex and other business skill training is in fact best done in the classroom. The classroom will then give a context to learning scenarios of which eLearning could not. So when it comes to role-playing, participation and deep examination, instructor-led training is the best one to go for.

This is a Perk

For the competitive business environment with where various companies are looking for the best talent, there are some that are offering professional development education as well as other training that are skills-based as perks in order to retain and attract employees. The instructor-led training can offer cost-effective and quality method of training and is considered to be a privilege and helps in strengthening corporate culture. Learning, collaboration, relationship building and experiences are also obtained more in the classroom.

Offers Personalized Delivery

An instructor-led training actually flexes with its learners, which then will allow instructors in customizing content to a participant’s knowledge level. The instructors also could adapt presentations to the class’s skill level and also go to a more detail of a concept or perhaps exploring related materials with what the class have an interest of. This then will allow a more customized and rewarding learning experience.

Opening Doors for Innovation

Considering instructor-led training as a preferred learning method will never underestimate technological roles in a classroom. Considering eLearning in your class will also help because it could blend well with classroom learning where it reinforces learning after the classroom training ends. In fact, hybrid technology now have emerged to where learners could now attend live classroom events while they still experience the same kind of interaction, collaboration and knowledge sharing for those who are in the classroom. But still, an instructor-led training can offer you an advantage.

To simply put it, an instructor-led training will always remain to be the ideal option and will always be the most effective and widely accepted method of training.

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