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Tips for Buying the Right Air Compressor

Unless you are getting an upgrade for your existing air compressor, picking out an air compressor that suits your need is a bit of a stumping proposition. If you are buying a compressor for the first time, the chances are you do not have air tools, and so finding the right compressor is not easy. So, with the market offering numerous options of air compressors, how do you identify the ideal compressor for your needs? Numerous buyer’s guides recommend choosing an air compressor with roughly 2 times the output needed by your greatest air tool, but that is a problem when one is stating out and have no pneumatic tools. Nevertheless, getting the best air compressor is possible if you pay attention to the right details. Outlined in the piece are a few factors that you ought to take into consideration when buying an air compressor to ensure that you find the right option.

A good place to commence is getting the ideal size for your compressor. The perfect size will depend on many factors including your needs and space, among other things. If you are only looking for a consumer-grade option that you can utilize for your DIY tasks, then a small and portable air compressor will do it for you. Since they are powered by pistons, they will not offer a continues compressed air flow and can easily overheat. If you need one for a professional-grade, a good model would be bigger than the consumer-grade that can run several air compressor at a go. The superior units may employ screw rotary technology, producing more power as well as higher pressurized air.

When it comes to purchasing an air compressor, the CFM (cubic feet per minute) counts as well. The CFM shows you all you need to know about how fast the model can supply air. For a tool that needs air faster than what air compressor can offer it, you may require to stop working to give the compressor time to catch up.

Moreover, consider the power source that you will utilize to power your air compressor. You will have to make a decision between a fuel-powered air compressor and an electric-powered air compressor. An environmentally cleaner option would be the electric compressors, but they have limited portability because they need to be connected to a power outlet for them to run. Electric compressor models are a good selection if you are looking for an option that emits no pollutants, but you should know most of them are not portable as they require to be plugged in a power outlet. On the other hand, the gas-powered compressors exist in two different types; diesel compressors and petrol compressors.

Last but not least, also consider maintenance and longevity when selecting an option. You will come across oil-free compressors and oil-lubricated options – the latter repair to be oiled for their parts to run smoothly hence high maintenance is needed. Oil-free compressors run without being oiled, that is why they are prevalent since they do not require much maintenance.

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