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A Guide to Taxotere Lawsuits

Cancer is a leading cause of death in this modern age; however, that are also very many cancer survivors out there. Although there are very many cancer treatment options, some can be painful, draining and leave the survivor transformed in very many ways. Among many of these cancer survivors, many have claimed that Taxotere, which is a component of the treatment process, leads to permanent and unexpected hair loss. Therefore, they are taking the matter to court and filing for settlement because of the failure of the pharmaceutical company to warn against the side effects. Taxotere is a very important drug in chemotherapy whereby is interferes with the cancer cell’s most basic functions. It is injected using IV every three weeks, and with its effect in affecting the cell division and replication, it aids in the control and stops of cancerous cells. Today, it is one of the regular treatments applied to breast cancer patients and many other cancers like that for lungs, stomach, head, and prostate.

There are quite several side effects associated with this drug, which isn’t uncommon with chemotherapy drugs. Although hair loss is one of the side effects of chemotherapy, the hair usually grows back. Unfortunately, some patients have undergone chemotherapy and have reported that after completing treatment, their hair never grew. This is a condition known as alopecia, and there are several studies that have supported this claim. Therefore, it follows that many of those who have suffered from this, mostly breast cancer patients have been filing Taxotere lawsuits. This means that the manufacturer is aware that the drug can result to permanent hair loss but fail to warn the patient. This is a very common happening in many regions of the country. Some would say that you’ve been cured from cancer, why worry about your hair and you have your life. However, patients are supposed to be aware of the potential side effects of any drugs that they are utilizing and that is why such litigation make a lot of sense. Therefore, if you find yourself in such a situation, ascertain that you get the best legal representation, from a law firm that has been handling such cases in the past.

So far, there hasn’t been a global settlement taking care of the thousands of cases that are piling up in court but there is a very high probability of a major settlement soon. For any settlement to be arrived on, there ought to be several lawsuits that go to trial as test cases. With such cases, it becomes easier to gauge the strengths of the case from both sides. If one of the cases gets a verdict in favor of the plaintiff, the company that supplying the drug in the market is more likely to opt for out of court settlement. The legal process is gradual, and if you have been affected by Taxotere and have permanent hair loss, better file your case and increase the pressure. The more the cases, the better recognition and impact.

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