When it comes to fitness gender is not a bias. Both men and women always wanted to be fit. It is just the extent of effort each of them put to stay fit. With so much of awareness in recent generation many women take equal measures and dedication to stay fit and active. There are many routes to fitness. Gym and diet dictates your fitness mantra primarily. But for who seek professional result not always these two options give full result. Always a pinch of something is required to lift their stamina and boost health system. As a result, there are many health supplements that have been introduced in the market off late. These products give an additional boost to human body that diet and physical work out can’t provide at high level. These supplements boost body’s immune system and provide extra stamina, flexibility and strength to accomplish a particular goal.

Weight Loss and Clenbuterol:

For women there are different phases of life and their body undergoes tremendous change in each stage. For most of the women weight gain is always a problem and losing additional fat is additional burden. Also women generally don’t find time to do a rigorous work out session if they are not professionally inclined. Also many women do find it difficult to cut the last portion of fat during their weight loss process. This is where Clenbuterol comes in to picture. It is said that women generally have more fat storage areas than men. But in terms of dosage only less quantity is required for women. Dosage recommended is 20 mcg per day for women.

How it Works and What’s Different For Women:

Clenbuterol does wonders for both men and women. This product stimulates the metabolism of the body. This causes an increase in internal body temperature. This increase in body temperature produces additional proteins that are required for gaining lean mass fat and loosing unwanted body fat. While Clenbuterol product is same for men and women the dosages are different. Women are genetically different from men and hence this variation has come in to play. This product is originally designed to deal with breathing problems. For respiratory issues, this Clenbuterol intake is said to clear lungs and thus promote good breathing system. But it was also observed that a pattern of intake also enhances our body to gain lean muscles and lose fat. Only then it has been primarily used to lose fat. This dosage is much lower than the one prescribed for men. Women dosage should be max 80mcg to 100mcg which has to be consumed in a cycle and will have to be stopped then.

Effects and Ban:

Even though this product is not claimed as steroid, this is banned for usage of athletes. The main reason being quoted is they are energy stimulants. This product is also legal to buy and consume. We will need a prescription to buy it from pharmacy while you can get this product without prescription online. Due to effects this product has only 20 mcg per day for women is recommended. When following the prescribed amount with all precautions mentioned this product could give good results for women.