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Factors to Consider when Buying Canine DNA Test Kits

Canine refers to any animal in the dog family including the domestic dog, wolves, foxes among many others. For many reasons, people would want to carry out an analysis of the DNA of canine animals. If a rabid animal is on the loose for example, it might be necessary to carry out an analysis of its DNA> You might also want to know what breed your dog is or the breed of its parents. Geneticists and dog breeding companies carry out DNA analyses of canine DNA frequently. This article is about some things to consider when buying a canine DNA test kit

You have to consider the cost of the DNA test kits. These kits have a lot of special components and chemicals for testing DNA. Some of those chemicals are quite expensive and this pushes the cost of the test kits up. You should look for a test kit that is affordable and can produce the desired results. If you want the most accurate results, you can use sophisticated kits but they are very expensive. Sometimes extremely accurate results are not necessary for example, when trying to determine whether a particular sample belongs to a dog or another animal. In such cases, an expensive kit is unnecessary because many other kits can do the same job. You should also buy just as many kits as you actually need. An excess purchase is a waste of money as the kit could even become obsolete if left unused for extended periods.

Another thing to consider is the technology used to make the kit. There are many techniques to test the DNA of a canine. Some of these techniques are extremely simple for example, drawing a sample of blood from the dog then smearing it on an absorbent paper. Others are more sophisticated and involve preparing reagents and complicated lab procedures. Sophisticated technology can be used to analyze DNA samples and produce very accurate results, for example, the breed of the canine or even the specific canine that the sample belongs to. These technologies are, however, quite expensive and can only be used by experts. There are less sophisticated technologies that are quite affordable however, they are not as accurate and reliable. For most people, simple test kits are good enough. Some technologies are also more accurate than others depending on the sample that is taken. Some test kits can only use blood as the sample which is a huge limitation because you need to draw blood from the dog.

You also need to consider the durability of the DNA test kit. DNA test kits comprise many volatile chemicals that need to be stored in a cool and dry place to prevent them from getting spoilt. Test kits are built to keep these chemicals safe from damage and contamination however, not all of them are durable. You can buy less expensive, non-durable kits if you only intend to use them almost immediately. Otherwise, it is best to buy durable kits.

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