When you travel to another country, there are many things you can do and you do not have an idea about it. The simplest thing are really easy to take into account but there are a few things that you did not about and sometimes you leave the country and you find yourself disappointed when you hear about other people’s stories about things that you did not do. Remember that every country has its own secret. We expect to know them all but at the end we cannot do that. So, if you are planning Morocco trips be sure to discover the secrets of this amazing country and amazing cities.

You may find surprised when you know about Moroccan’s food, but more than culinary issues, there are nice fruits that you can taste and I am sure you did not about it. There is a place called Banana Village in Aouir village. If you are traveling and you find a place called in this way, eat bananas here! They are delicious, sweet and probably the best bananas of Morocco. Morocco trips make you hungry so be sure to eat here.


If you are doing Morocco trips you should visit a place called the Tanneries in Fez. This is not the medina or the Sahara desert but it is a really good place to go. It may be not famous but it is a great place with great views, so put in your wish list.

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Another great experience you should definitely live is visiting the Berber village. Here you can take a look at how these people live – a really close caption of their lives. You can also see how they make traditional bread – as a part of their routine. So, basically you know their life style and this is amazing. These people are not like all people, they live in a different way than other people living in Morocco. The best part is that they are really kind. Do not be surprised if they invite you to come into their houses and they offer you tea; they just do it and they are not expecting for anything in return.


Go the famous “blue city” located in Morocco. This city is called Chefchaouen and it is really famous because it’s blue walls and buildings. This city is closed to be a dream come true. A beautiful city with many things to offer, with many historical facts that everybody should learn. If you do the Morocco trips and you do not visit this city, you will feel sorry when the journey ends.


If you want to change something about your daily life, you have to live a difference experience. Keeping away from your comfort zone, you can give a try and sleep in a Berber tent. They are not too comfortable and there are not many places to take a shower, but it is still a great experience and you should give it a try.


When you think of Morocco trips you never think about taking classes, but it is also a good option and a great experience. You may know that Morocco cuisine is really famous and it has been influenced by many cultures and countries. This is the reason why it is so famous and amazing. If you want to live the experience, you should take classes in any place that offer cooking classes. You will find these cooking classes in a Riad or any other place in which this is available. I assure you this experience will be great.