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All You Need To Know About Brain Reset for the Treatment of Neurological Conditions

Have you ever imagined that you could ever re-boot your brain like you would a frozen computer? Well, with MicroCurrent Neurofeedback (MCN), it is now possible. This is a technique in which there is micro-stimulation to the brain which generates a temporary fluctuation in the waves of the brain. This form of brain reset is not like the conventional Neurofeedback, but rather, it makes it possible for the brain to reorganize itself and then release from the stuck, frozen patters. With MCN, there is a generation of dramatic results within quite a short time. This generates changes that can be measured in the waves of the brain and all this happens without the patient having to put any conscious effort. This is a proven medical technology that has registered a lot of success in the alleviation of a wide range of problems that come with disorders in patients of all ages. Patients who have been suffering from a variety of neural conditions have registered a lot of improvement with this technology.

This treatment involves EEG electrodes that have been carefully calibrated where the system communicates with your brain to set the CNS back to its original balance. As opposed to the use of mediations, this technology is capable of producing modifications for a long time to a brain that is functioning abnormally to ensure that it performs optimally and it stays healthy. Electrodes are connected to your neck and head while you are seated. After cleaning the selected areas off, a paste is applied to ensure that the electrodes stay in place. As the treatment keeps going on, the place where the electrodes are connected may vary. You will have the provider with you at all times and you will not have any conscious role to play the entire time. When you go for the first treatment, you will consult for one hour, and then you will have the treatments going for thirty minutes.

With the sessions, your brain learns to operate efficiently which conditions it to function in that manner which goes on for a longer time as the treatment keeps getting administered. The effects that are generated are not dependent on the age, mental capacity, and comprehension of the individual. As the treatment keep going on, then the practitioner will see any changes that happen to the wave patterns of the brain. At first, the patient reacts by relaxing and feeling sleepy but then becomes energized as the session progresses to the end. The initial changes are normally short-lived but as the treatment progresses, then the changes keep lasting longer. With continued improvement and as the changes of the treatment keep lasting longer, the time between the sessions is increased to a point where they become sustainable to the point where you do not need the treatment any longer and your brain function has improved.

During your visit for the sessions, you need to have relaxed and light clothing and you should also avoid the use of makeup, creams, or hair products. However, most importantly is to know that just as with any other thing in life, this is a process and it requires you to have the patience needed for a productive life thereafter.

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