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Top Benefits of the Manufactured Homes

When it comes to homeownership, one of the trends to this that a growing number of people are adopting all across the states and across the country is that of going for the manufactured home option and for this reason, if at all you have considered them, know that you are not the only one doing so. For instance, consider the United States and the manufactured home market where we have seen as many as 17 million Americans or its population living in the manufactured homes and these indeed do make up to 21% of the single family units sold in the real estate market there.

There are solid reasons explaining the rise in popularity of the manufactured homes all over including in the country of South Africa. Talking of some of the reasons explaining the rise in popularity of the manufactured homes is the availability of great financing options for the same. Read on and see some of the reasons why the manufactured homes option is being seen by many as a sure alternative route to take when it comes to the pursuit of home ownership.

Talking of the benefits, one that stands out is the affordability of this alternative path to home ownership. Fact and one that must be so obvious is that manufactured homes generally come cheaper as compared to the site built alternatives. Actually, looking at the costs, the costs of building a square foot of a manufactured home, these often prove to reduce the cost by up to 50% of the cost that would have otherwise be spent on doing a site built unit. This is a benefit that can sure add to thousands of dollars at the end of the project, cash that would be in your pocket at the end of the day.

This reduction in costs of manufactured homes may be explained by some sure and solid reasons. Some have thought that the reason for the cheap prices of the manufactured homes has been for there being some bit of a compromise in the value of the homes and this is quite a lie or a misleading notion. A simple reason explaining why the manufactured homes are as cheap when compared to the site built homes is in the sense of the fact that they do get manufactured in controlled environments where they are done by skilled tradesmen. The manufacturers of the manufactured homes make their purchases for the materials for the construction in bulk and as such these benefits accruing from the economies of scale will be transferred to the buyers who choose to go for the manufactured homes.

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