There tends to be a misconception out there that all commercial painters do is physically paint an area. Well, this is certainly not the case and there is so much more that encompasses a commercial painter’s job. Quality commercial painters will take the time to fully understand the client’s needs as well as properly prepare for the job ahead.

Those in charge of a commercial area usually have a lot of things to do and manage, especially in terms of maintenance. For any manager, it is imperative that your commercial site looks at its best. However, no one wants to break the bank.

While many believe that commercial painting is only good for appearance, there are always other important aspects including productivity and functionality. Quality commercial painters will assist in improving these areas as well as the appearance.

To cause even further headaches, commercial painting is almost certain to cause disruption in the area. This could mean that employees are unable to work or consumers are unable to visit, etc. Where commercial painting becomes more than just painting a wall, is that these companies will always try to work around your schedule to ensure minimal disruption.

Commercial painters always do so much more than people think. Below are some of the additional features a quality commercial painter will provide to all their clients:

Quality Paint

Any paint will do, right? No! When painting a commercial area, it is important to use high quality paint that is durable and can cope with the wear and tear of high traffic areas. Most commercial painters will have access to top of the range paint. As well as this, they will understand the best type of paint for each individual situation. The type of surface will impact the best product for the wall. Also, by taking the time to understand what the client wants out of the paint will help commercial painters in choosing the best paint for the situation. So for example, is it important to have paint that can be cleaned when there is a mark, or paint that is whether resistant?

Brand Image

Every business wants to be perceived in a certain way. Commercial painters are here to help you get the message of your brand image across. When a fresh coat of paint goes on the walls, it tells a story and helps convey your brand without needing to use a logo etc. Clean and freshly painting area will assist in improving first impressions with all those who interact with your business. Commercial painters will also be able to give advice on current trends and assist in creating the perfect mood. Certain colours evoke different emotions, so it is important that people feel the right emotion in your area.


Commercial painters will always work around your schedule to ensure there is the least amount of disruption possible. This means that your business  will not be heavily impacted when you want to update your space. Good commercial painters will offer completely flexible working times meaning they can work outside your office hours or during your off-peak season.


Commercial painters will prepare everything for the paint job. They will ensure the area is properly prepared before any paint touches the walls. This means that it becomes less likely that there will be any damage to other items. Preparation also includes ensuring the walls are ready for painting. Sometimes walls can be chipped or marked, etc. Commercial painters will prepare the wall to ensure existing problems are removed. They will also clean up and restore everything to its original place, like they were never there!