Beauty of nature is beautiful creativity Of God that he has provided us so much beauty on this planet earth that we can keep on exploring new location for our while life. The beauty of nature include the water falls, Dubai morning desert safari  , the beaches , the sea, the oceans, the green and colorful forests, the beautiful animals and birds , the artistic locations, the wonders of nature including the pyramids of Egypt and the wall of china.


Tourist from different parts of the world want to visit the beaches first of the country they are visiting. The beaches attract the tourists as they are considered to be the soothing and relaxing points in every country. People get sun bath and enjoy with water and enjoy the coconut water at the beaches. They make artistic creatures with mud and they enjoy the whole originality and beauty of nature of beaches.

Dubai has got several beaches including famous beaches like Mamzer beach, kite beach and Burj beach. Burj beach is famous it leads straight to the Burj-ul-Arab. Beaches have their own beauty and no wonder why they attract the tourists.

The tourism companies keep the beaches in their priority list for the tourism plan for their customers. The tourists form western countries mostly like the beaches.



Tourism promotes the hotel business of any city or country. The hotel charge money from the local and foreign tourists for their stay at their hotels. They provide them rooms according to the tourists’ choice and convenience. Tourists get rooms or suit according to their choice and affordability. The hotels provide swimming pool, lunch dinner and breakfast facilities .They provide them gaming zones for their time pass at free time.

The hotel business is growing all over the world due to increasing tourism in all over the world. This improves the economy of the country and provides employment opportunities to the unemployed people.


Tourism companies are the ones which create a lot of employment opportunities for the people. They hire guards, security guards. Office desk staff, guides for different locations, drivers etc. They hire that entire staff to provide better facilities to tourists. Tourists pay well to a tourism company that’s why tourism companies try to accommodate and provide more and more better facilities to their customers. The bigger the tourism company is, the better their facilities and staff are. Their travelling packages are better according to the quality of their service. The more they take care of their tourists, the more their customers come back to them, again and again every year or every 6 months for their travelling and adventure.

Tourism companies arrange adventure facilities for their tourists who like to do adventures. Like in Dubai, they arrange scuba diving, sky diving, camel trekking, and motor bike riding in deserts which fascinate the tourists to come and visit that location. Tourism companies are the biggest trust worthy entities for the foreigners in a new country.