The fashion of the Traditional Indian clothing in western countries:

Some of the people think that the Indian dresses are no more in the fashion industry of the world. They are incredibly wrong. They have no knowledge about the diversity of the Indian clothes in the fashion industry of today. The traditional Indian dresses like Saari, Shalwar Kameez, Sherwani are extremely popular in all over the world. They are also famous especially in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and other Asian countries. This fashion is spreading slowly but steadily in Malaysia, Europe, and African countries.

The traditional Indian clothing is rising in the world due to uniqueness. From Mughal’s era to the modern age, the trend of shalwar Kameez and other Indian clothes is increasing.

traditional Indian clothing

The “Saari” for women and “Sherwani” for men:

From the past years, women in India loves to wear “smart.” It is the most traditional dress of women. It has many different types and designs which women choose on separate occasions. One of the women loves to wear simple saris while other like embroidered ones. Traditional Indian clothing is very famous in the entire globe. The western countries are also moving towards this fashion nowadays.

The “Sherwani” is very famous for the men in India and other Asian countries. This traditional dress is; specially designed for the different memorable occasions. You can wear them to the wedding and also on other traditional functions in the entire globe. All of the men loves to wear them. The special about them is you can wear them with any shalwar whether it is normal shalwar or it is “churidar.”

But it looks perfect with the tight shalwar or with the bottom folded pants. This thing will add up the beauty factor in your personality, and you will shine like a groom in the wedding with the Sherwani. They are also very famous in Pakistani region.

Foreign influences on Indian clothing:

During the Mughal’s period, shalwar-kameez or the shalwar-kurta was the high dress of the Indian people. This dress is still famous in the entire globe. The trend of shalwar-kameez is also rising in the western countries. As the time passes, the shalwar gets changed into “chooridar.” It is a type of pant which gets folded from the bottom. It is one of the most traditional dresses of the Indian people. The inhabitants in the center of India loves to wear this dress on different occasions.

The “Lehnga” is another dress which gets started to wear from the Mughals’ era. It was a unique clothing at that time, and still, many women use it as a wedding dress or a party dress. Apart from this dress, “Sharara and Gharara” are also the traditional clothes of the Indian people. These all dresses are the favorite ones of the foreigner, and they love to wear them in the country as well as they like to wear on Indian culture nights.