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Discover the Best Way of Correcting Your Faulty Vape Pen

Many prescription cannabis oil users prefer the weapon as the most efficient and effective means of using their favorite and medicinal cannabis oil. However more often than not the vaping pen will develop some problems.

It often happens that when you screw your cartridge back to the battery you make over tighten it and thus that of the connectivity of the battery to the cartridge. The most vaping pen uses have discovered this as a common problem whenever they overtighten they are captured on to the battery because it causes disconnection of electricity conduction due to the lack of contact between the metal rings which get dressed too deep due to over-tightening.

For you to correct this problem using a paperclip with the application of very little effort carefully price metal ring back to its required position being careful and observing that you don’t cause any further damage. This is a delicate process considering the fact that the battery and the cartridge are attached to these metal rings by a very thin Strand of wire Therefore if you are rough you will easily snap it and break the ring off from both the cartridge and the battery. You may find that adjustment of the Ring only on the cartridge will help resolve the problem well and good proceed and enjoy your Vaping.

Kindly repeat the procedure have done with the ring on the cartridge also on the metal ring that is attached to the battery this is in case after replacing the position on the cartridge the vaping pen is not working. As you proceed to also lift the metal ring on the battery you will discover how small that metal ring hole is compared to the hall on the metal ring on the cartridge and for that reason, you will have to choose a smaller paper pin. It is also important at this point to remember that these metal Rings are very delicate considering how thin the wire is that attaches them to the vape pen.

In many occasions having done that you’ll find that the problem with your vaping pen is resolved and you can enjoy your happy vaping moment once the battery is fully charged and you fill your cartridge with oil. When you log on to this website you can also watch the video that demonstrates in detail how to do it in the process of troubleshooting your vaping pen when it has connectivity problems. Now you can resume you are responsible use of cannabis oil with your vaping pen.
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