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Recent Findings About RENU 28 to the Skin Therapy

Age has been known to one of the causes of the many problems old people go through.
Some of these age-related problems includes decreased blood flow and skin renewal. It is important to know that these problems result from the cellular break down. You need to know that when your cellular health is wanting, your overall health will be affected. It is therefore essential to know that when you work on the cellular health, you will be able to take care of the health of your body. It is important to know that cellular health has been a global concern for the longest time.

ASEA is one such team of scientists who have dedicated their resources in providing high-quality cellular health products. You need to know that ASEA products use molecules that is common in the human body to help enhance the essential cellular functions. It is important to know that ASEA makes use of the redox signalling technology to help boost the cell to renew and communicate thereby to improve the entire body’s health. There are several ASEA products that have been developed and are helping people deal with different health problems. One of such products is the RENU 28 which is a gel that offers a solution to skin therapy.

There is a need to know that there was a finding recently that showed that RENU 28 could be used to help improve the renewal process of the skin and also increase the flow of blood in the skin. There is the need to know that in the skin renewal study, a group of the participant had to apply RENU 28 on one of their arms for two weeks. A florescent dye was then applied to those forearms with the gel to control and measure the cell renewal. After the two weeks, each of their forearms was photographed under UV light and quantified. It was noted after the study that RENU 28 increased skin renewal process by 16 percent. There is the need to know that typically, the skin renewal cycle takes 28 to 42 days, but after using RENU 28, it took 24 to 36 days for the skin to renew.

You also need to know that researchers found out that RENU 28 helped in blood flow in the skin. Each participant had to apply the gel to one arm in the morning and evening. Microcirculation to the skin of both arms was then measured using a laser doppler. After several tests, it was later proven that the use of RENU 28 increased the flow of blood in the skin by 55 per cent.

As seen above, there is the need to know that using RENU 28 can work wonders especially when you have skin related problems.

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