Stanozolol is a steroid which has been available on the market since the early 1960s.  Synthetically derived from testosterone, it is well known for many properties. Also sold under the brand name Winstrol, it is used to treat swelling in areas of the body like the face, extremities and the throat. It is very popular with athletes who participate in competitive sports.

Stanozolol is also used to treat conditions such as serious burns, overexposure to other steroids, osteoporosis and muscle wasting diseases. It is also quite effective in accelerating the healing of fractured bones and hormonal imbalances related to obesity.


Stanozolol’s Chemical Structure:

It is an anabolic steroid and dihydrotestosterone based, and consists of 2 very specific changes to the DHT hormone. These changes alter the androdgenicity in the hormone to increase anabolic activity.  Some of the changes users can expect are:

  • A reduction in the sex hormone binding globulin which helps boost the availability of active testosterone
  • An increase in the rate of protein synthesis which, in turn boosts muscle building
  • Better nitrogen retention leading to a higher anabolic state
  • An increase in red blood cell count, leading to higher muscular endurance
  • Reduction in Glucocorticoids, reducing fat gain dramatically


Effects to expect with the use of Stanozolol

Even though it is a steroid, it is not a ‘bulking steroid’. It is used by athletes during their off season to keep up with their body-building regimen.  It is more effective for women as they are more sensitive to the SHBG hormone. Many athletes use stanozolol to have a cut figure and boost power and speed.  Stanozolol helps to build up tendon strength when used in conjunction with a good diet, right supplements and a well-balanced training program.  Stanozolol is a great choice for users who are in the cutting cycle of training as they can get the definition they want. Visit ciclo stanozolol comprimido for more knowhow and information before you get started with the Stanozolol dosage.


Usage recommendation:

The dosage and usage recommendation for men and women are as follows:

  • 2 mg/3 times a day for men
  • 2 mg/1 time a day for women (can be increased to 6 mg based on specific conditions)

50 mg doses can also be administered by a physician in injectable form, for both men and women – 2 or 3 times a week based on need.  It is important to be monitored by a doctor to avoid medical issues during use.  Many users prefer oral dosage and the recommended method for women.

Even though it is easily available worldwide, it is important to get high quality Stanozolol. Counterfeit medication is quite common and can cause serious health issues.  Check out the suppliers thoroughly, on and offline before buying.

Other facts to know:

  • Stanzolol has a half-life in oral form of 4-5 hours and 18-24 in liquid form.
  • Since its chemical structure is not capable of converting to estrogen, it will not cause Gynecomastia in men.
  • Guaranteed results in 30 days