What are the current causes of car accidents in Arizona? How do car accidents in this state happen? The answer may vary from different crash experiences in Arizona. But in many cases, the common causes of accidents are very familiar.

Here are some of the most common causes of vehicle accidents in Arizona:

Drunk Driving


The never-ending backdrop of all vehicle accidents is drunk driving. Driving under the influence of alcohol was linked to the cause of more than 5,000 auto accidents in Arizona last 2016. The hazard of drinking while driving has been well-documented for ages.


But, many people still continue to pull up stunts and put the life of many in danger by maneuvering the wheel with a very light head.


Cell Phone Use and Texting

Driving while texting is highly prohibited in Tucson and Phoenix. However, there is still no national ban implemented against texting while driving. Drivers are constantly reminded of the threat of using cellular phones while on the road.


Most people think that they are in control, but almost every year, people are killed or seriously injured because of distracted drivers.




Driving a little over the minimum speed may not be a major issue at first. But, when a vehicle is running faster than the posted speed limit, drivers have lesser time to react causing a higher probability of high-speed collision with other vehicles.


This also means that the faster the vehicles run, the more severe the injuries will be. In worst cases, over speeding can cause death.


Reckless Driving

Factors for reckless driving varies from person to person. What appears to be normal for others could be downright dangerous to some. Typical examples of reckless driving are following too closely at other vehicles and disobeying posted traffic signals.


Driver’s Fatigue (Falling Asleep While Driving)


It’s all a matter of choice if drivers choose to drive while tired. But as they make that choice, they also choose to endanger the lives of many. When drivers fall asleep while behind the wheel, vehicles become deadly high-speed weapons that can cause havoc on the roads. Drowsiness can be dangerous.


We never know when accidents happen, that’s why drivers need to be vigilant on the road all the time.


Rely on Personal Injury Attorneys in Phoenix

Even if many vehicle accidents seem to have identical causes, no two accidents are the same. Every car accident is different. At phoenixinjury.daveabels.com, customers can get a fair treatment as an individual. The team works up close and personal to design a solution that fits the legal needs of every client.


The golden rule is to be alert and responsible when you are behind the wheel. Cures are always available, but as much as possible, do not get waylaid with those options. Medicines and treatments can heal some minor injuries, but it can never bring back a person’s life once car crashes happen, even when it’s unintentional.

So, take heed and always be the responsible person behind the wheels, whether in Arizona or not.