It is essential to index your website which is prior step to Search Engine Optimization. It is much deeper then SEO it isn’t the same thing. Search Engine Optimization is focused on optimizing the user queries whereas Googlebot focus is on Google Crawlers accessing the web portal.

Much of the overlap is observed of course. It is crucial and important to have distinction in between the two. Foundational ways of speaking-it can affect your website. A site is crawl-ability is much more important step then ensuring its search-ability.

Googlebot is also known as spider. It crawls every page it is allowed access to and adds it to index where it can be accessed and returned by users search quires. SEO Company in Delhi helps you in finding whether you are indexed in Google or not. Six principles for Googlebot followed for optimized site are explained below:

  1. Keep it simple: Crawler doesn’t crawl javaScript, frames, Ajax even Html. Therefore it is only waste to make your website too fancy. Since the jury is out as Google is least bothered about the JavaScript and Ajax so does the opinion run out. Google Webmaster is here with bit of advice which states “If fancy features such as cookies, javascript, seesion IDs keep you away from seeing all site in text browser, then search engine spiders may trouble crawling your site.”
  2. Right thing is done with robots.txt: It is standard best practice for SEO Services in Delhi and worldwide. But have you ever thought why? One reason being it serves as a directive to all-important Googlebot. Googlebot will spend its budget on any pages on website. It is your responsibility to tell Googlebot to invest time and budget and where should not.Make the changes accordingly on the pages which you don’t desire to be crawled. Less time spending on useless sections more time can be given to important sections and return more essential sections of your site.
  3. Unique and fresh Content need to be created: Content which is more frequently crawled, chances of gaining more traffic is improved. Although page rank is probably the determinative factor in crawl frequency it is likely that pagerank become less effective when compared with freshness factor of similarly ranked pages. It is essential to get low ranked pages for crawled and you will win if this happen more frequently.
  4. Optimize infinite Scrolling pages: Utilizing infinite scrolling pages then you are not necessarily ruining chance at Googlebot optimization. You only need to ensure scrolling pages comply with stipulation provided by Google.
  5. Use Internal Linking: It is essence, a map for Googlebot to follow as it crawl your website. The more tight-knit your internal linking better Googlebot will drag your website. Accurate way of carrying out the internal linking is to go to Google Webmaster tool, Search traffic, Internal links.
  6. xml Creation: Sitemap is clear message to Googlebot about how to access your site. Basically it does what exactly name suggest-serve as amp to your site. Not every site can be crawled easily. Complicating factors or lack of accurate words will led to sidetracked as it crawls web portal. Corrective misguides are assured with sitemap and ensures that all areas of site that need to crawled will be crawled.