Marketing and its concepts are easy subjects to study but hard to master. Simply knowing the principles of marketing does not equate to good marketing strategies. There are many factors to be considered before a business’s marketing strategy becomes successful. A good marketing strategy anticipates probable problems that may happen. Aside from that, the situation or the environment during marketing should also be considered. Since here at Business Study Notes we are talking about problems, there are four types of marketing problems that you should know.


Principles of Marketing – The Problems You May Encounter

In the principles of marketing, the first problem that you may encounter is the so-called operational marketing problems. In problems like these, the involved are those that exist during the actual process of marketing. An example is the target consumers for a product. The next problem is the analytical marketing problems. In this type of problems, the market structure wherein a business operates matters. The effects of that structure in the approach made by the business are the conflicts. For normative marketing problems, the concern revolves around how things should be. Social responsibility or ethical marketing are some examples. The last type of problem is the strategic marketing problems in which the needs of the consumers and the company are arising difficulties. The solution for this type may be proper evaluation of the needs of both parties.

Principles of Marketing – More Facts

These are the theoretical problems in marketing. As you continue studying the principles of marketing further, you will realize that aside from the problems aforementioned, there are many other types of problems. In each type of problem, a different approach may be needed. It may take time before you develop the skills as of that of a marketing practitioner to know the appropriate approach to a given problem. Defining and analyzing the problem, ultimately, require knowledge and experience to solve the problem given.