All over the world, there is almost forty percent of the population that suffers from obesity. But most of them hesitate to go the doctor, mainly due to shyness associated with the problem. To overcome this problem phentermine is used that reduces weight and let you look smarter. It is usually targeted with proper diet plans. This medicine has proved itself in such a way, that nowadays, almost in every tablet of weight loss treatment, phentermine is actively present. It is easily available in the market or through the internet service. You just need to go to the website and fill up the requisite form. All your information will be kept secret and you need not pay money while filling up the form. The drug will be dispatched at your doorstep which accepts cash on delivery. Discounts are often offered by the company if you buy the product in large amount. The medicine is available in 15 milligrams and 30 milligrams capsules, and in 37.5 milligrams tablet.

Avoid Negative Reactions With Other Medicines:

Taking this medicine with other stimulants can make you restless or hyperactive. It is strictly prohibited with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder medicines. Do not hide the usage of any medicines when you consult for phentermine medication with the doctor. The dosage may change from the normal one especially if you are taking any antidepressant like citalopram, escitalopram, fluoxetine or fluvoxamine. Apart from this negative reactions may also appear if you are pregnant. It can harm the unborn child and even lead to abortions. In case any user notice that he/she is not getting the desired result, do not try to increase on your own. Instead, let the doctor know about the problem. Consulting with the doctor results in relatively high success rate and will not turn the medication into a habit. Self-medication will bring a severe downfall in the overall stamina. You may experience swelling of feet, body pain, and chest pain.

Before Or After Breakfast?

The study says phentermine can be taken in the morning on an empty stomach within thirty to forty minutes of your breakfast. It can also be taken after one or two hours of your breakfast. To suppress the appetite one tablet or capsule is enough for starters. In most of the prescription, it is taken before breakfast. If a person is still hungry after oral consumption of 30 milligrams of a tablet, the dose can be raised to 40 milligrams. The dosage can also be divided into two parts. It can be seen that people who are taking divided dosage have resulted in relatively high success rate. The second pill should not be taken before or after six to eight hours of your bedtime. If a person experiences irritation and pain to gastric mucosa in an empty stomach before breakfast, he/she must administer it after one or two hours of breakfast. This reduces the risk of a stomach ache. If the problem is still not solved it is suggested that you take a decoction of flaxseed before the intake.