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Why Indulge in a Couple of Memoirs?

Don’t exactly read memoir stories, personal essays, tales, and the like? Well, you’re missing out on a lot. Reading memoirs opens you up to a lot of lessons like its literary form, the life of the person it revolves around, and even yourself through some self-realization. All these benefits come together to aid a person’s self-development. If you’re still not convinced, here are some benefits from reading memoirs.

Reason 1 – The Relief and Fascination of the Story

Memoirs that are beautifully written provides the same kind of release as any of the engaging books and stories that you’ve come across. Lose yourself in the world of the author, fantastic turn of events, phrases, and characters that you’ll come to care for. Travel alongside the characters in their amazing path of life. All these factors and more contribute to the satisfaction of the reader.

Reason 2 – Become Inspired with Their Trials and Triumphs.

As the old saying goes, ‘this too shall pass” which may be lost in the perception of young ones but with the right kind of memoir, anyone can make sense of the phrase on a whole new level. Usually, memoirs start off with difficult challenges that they faced. Trials and challenges that kick-started their journey to triumph and resolution; as life progressed, the characters grew and developed.

Reason 3 – A Glimpse Into the Melting Pot and Cultural Mixing of Modernity

Nowadays, it’s perfectly normal for races and cultures to mingle and it happens at an ever-rising rate. We need to understand everyone and accept that each person is different, now more than ever. With the help of memoirs, one can look at the world through another’s perception. Barrack Obama’s memoir coming being published gave the people front row seats on the journey of a multi-racial boy who went to his ancestor’s village in Africa. The memoir of Mei-Ling Hopgood showed readers her journey as she traveled back to the beautiful country of Taiwan to visit her birth family. Memoirs are able to add to the American melting pot, sprinkling it with intimate details and vibrancy alongside emotional challenges and personal experiences to enrich one’s thought.

Reason 4 – See Deep Into the Point of View of Other People

In order to understand other people in this world, one has to see how someone else thinks and feels. Memoirs allow you to actually know instead of guessing; each author describes exactly how they feel.

Reason 5 – Authors Overcome a Lot of Privacy and Shame in Sharing Stories

A good number of memoirs involve the emotion of shame; it’s quite a strong emotion that convinces us to hide away and hide whatever we think or feel. A mountain of courage may be needed just to share experiences and memories with other people. Every time that people do overcome this emotion to go and do what they want like publishing a memoir, they become a role model or source of inspiration for others.

Reason 6 – Writing Life and River of Culture

Every memoir out there features a colorful journey from experience to literature and when readers are taken inside the writing life, they gain a higher appreciation of the fabric of a culture that makes up the story itself.

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