Quantum Pendants are handmade wearable pendants. They are made from special Japanese volcanic lava that contains more than 70 natural minerals. These natural minerals are the source of emitting energy that benefits our body positively.

Health benefits of quantum pendants are already known widely. However, there are a few lesser known facts about quantum pendant that not many people are aware of. Read on to know more about them.

Wearing the Pendant during Sleep & Bath

Most of the people take their pendants off when they go to bed for sleep or while taking a bath. Taking it off before hitting the bed is actually beneficial, since the pendant tends to create alertness and raise the energy levels in our body. For a peaceful sleep, it is recommended to take your pendant off a couple of hours before you going to sleep.

However, you don’t necessarily have to take it off before going to take shower as water doesn’t affect the effectiveness of quantum pendant. Wearing it while showering will not reduce its effects.

Protection from adverse effects of X-Rays

X-rays, radiations, and other body scanning technologies can have some adverse effects on your body. Wearing quantum pendant during your x-rays or other scans can protect you from their side-effects as it locks the frequencies into the pendant and doesn’t let them affect you.

Time for effects to take place

Some people experience the effects of quantum pendants immediately whereas for some it can take up to a few days. If the effects don’t place even after a month, you should take it off for a week and compare the situations. You can also rub it directly on your affected area to reduce the pain.

Giving your Pendant to someone else

Quantum pendant work by learning information about your body and system. The longer you wear it, the more its process magnifies. Giving your pendant even for a short while or letting someone touch it will allow the information stored in to be shared and exchanged. That is why it is always recommended not to share your pendant with anyone or let them touch it.

Quantum pendants are known to neutralize the effects of negative frequencies in our bodies. The pendants can come in very handy for a number of reasons. They have absolutely no side effects and doesn’t harm your body in any way. You don’t have to worry about their effects being running out as quantum pendants can last for a lifetime and yet be effective.