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Why Do You Need a Home Detox Program?

Many people have died because of severe withdrawal symptoms of alcohol as they attempt to wit alcohol on their own therefore do not try this without medical attention. You may also go back to alcoholism if the withdrawal symptoms overpower your will to quit the addiction. The withdrawal signs and symptoms f alcoholism that most people experience include anxiety, panic, fear, mood swings, shaky hands and legs, restlessness, sleep disorders, nausea and vomiting, and hot and cold sweats. The more you are addicted to alcohol the more you will experience these signs and symptoms of withdrawal. People who have experienced a residential rehabilitation program and a home detox program testify that the latter is better than that former alternative. What should you know about a home detox program before you make your decision?

A home detox program will help you have time for your family, friends, yourself, and work as you get the treatment. You call the shots by informing the specialists about your daily schedule, so they plan and agree with you on the best time within the day for them to meet you. The experts can only treat you but when you are dedicated and consistent to the program your rate of recovery will speed up.

In a home detox program, the experts will test your blood pressure, pulse, oxygen, and blood test before the experts begin the treatment. You will get a prescription of sedatives that help to mitigate the severance of withdrawal symptoms like Chlordiasepoxide/ Librium and Diazepam/Valium. You will be given a dietary and vitamin supplements prescription to help you get out of the addiction faster. The body takes time to assimilate the vitamins from the food; hence you will need the supplements to increase the level of vitamins in the body.

A home detox program takes around seven days. However, the duration depends on the person’s rate of recovery and the level of medication one needs for safe withdrawal from alcohol. When one starts the treatment, he or she is given a high dose of sedatives, but the doctors reduce the dose slowly the more the person shows a positive change.

A home detox program is affordable to people of all income levels. The program’s price depends on how long it will last because the duration is determined by the time the person will take to recover. You will pay for the logistics expenses, the staffing costs, equipment, and medicine. It is cheaper than a residential rehabilitation program.

When one completes the home detox program he or she is enrolled in the post-detox program to help him or her not fall back into the addiction. The experts will teach the patient how to cope with cravings and other symptoms that may make them succumb to alcohol.

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