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Reasons For Catholics To Attend A Mass Regularly

Attending a mass is one of the responsibilities of every catholic. It is your duty to make sure that you attend a mass every week or on a set schedule. There are several reasons why attending a catholic church is good. Just like other protestant churches, we worship one God. This, therefore, means that catholic churches play great roles in connecting their members with God and strengthening the relationship between a man and God. Attending a mass can benefit you in varying ways. This article generally entails more information on the top benefits and advantages of attending a mass on a regular basis.

The first reason why you should attend a mass is to get spiritual nourishment. Any time we get closer to God He gets closer to us and gives us peace that surpasses every human understanding. It is, therefore, important to make sure that you get your soul nourished and kept clean from sins by attending a mass for prayers. Soul or spiritual nourishment helps one feel more relaxed and comfortable. It is during a mass that you will not only have time to pray but also have an opportunity to kneel before the Eucharist and receive the Body of Christ. This plays a great role in preventing a believer from being a captive of the day to day situations. It is during a mass that you will understand the great love that God had for us by sending His own son to die for us on the cross. The death of Christ brought life and salvation to us. The other reason why you ought to attend a mass is to have an opportunity to interact with other believers. Note that salvation is not an event but rather a process. This, therefore, means that for your salvation as a believer to be sustained despite the day to day challenges, you ought to attend a mass on a regular basis. Getting an opportunity to interact with other believers and encourage one another is a process of discipleship. This is a form of strengthening your relationship with the LORD our God. The other reason why Catholics should attend masses often is to gain more insight into the Word of God. The Word of God is a weapon that fights for us. It is by understanding the Word of God that you get to understand how merciful, faithful, gracious and great our God is. Reading the Word of God will also teach you how to pray. Prayer plus the Word of God makes the best combination of a spiritually prosperous life. When people gather in a church to pray, there is more strength added to their spirits. God is a spirit and we have to worship Him in truth and spirit. The other reason why attending a mass is good is that one’s trust for God is escalated. Trust and faith in God mean taking the next step that God has directed you to take even when you do not know the results. It is when our faith and trust in God are increased that we get closer to God. It is impossible to please God without faith.

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