One thing that turn offs any individuals mood whether young or old, is to coup with indigestion problems. It is a problem that can’t be told openly to everyone since it is quite embarrassing. A more medical term for indigestion disease is dyspepsia. This is the cause to an upset stomach. Well technically not termed as a disease it does give a lot of excruciating pain in the upper abdomen and can cause major bloating, burping and nausea.

Indigestion problem mostly occurs within those who have a seriously unhealthy lifestyle and follow it with an unhygienic diet. Full of various fatty acids and high levels of cholesterol, it could definitely lead to a path with much more dangerous consequences if not taken seriously.

It is caused when the mucosa of the digestive system comes in direct contact with the stomach acid. The mucosa part is a sensitive protective lining of the digestive system. This causes irritation and inflammation. The sensation of chest and stomach pain appears soon after a nourishing meal. The person feels full even though they just took a few bites from their food. Symptoms such as bloating, bleaching and nausea follow up. Various advanced studies show that in very rare cases indigestion might be and indicator towards stomach cancer.


Indigestion should be prevented rather than treated. It could be a result of eating way too much or too rapidly. Consumption of fatty and greasy foods with too much spice added or consumption of caffeinated products and alcohol in high quantities. Some very potent medications are also responsible such as antibiotics that treat different disease. These pointers could help prevent unnecessary indigestions.

Medications that are used in the treatment of serious indigestion can include. Antacids examples include Maalox, Rolaids, Riopan and many more. H-2-receptor antagonists, these help by reducing the level of stomach acids and last longer, however many people still go for antacids because they are much faster. If the stomach empties at a slow rate then Prokinetics such as Reglan are the best to use.

Some other medications consist of antibiotics, especially if dealing with peptic ulcer which further results in indigestion. Side effects to this situation include an upset stomach, diarrhea and fungal infections. The doctor might even make changes to the current medication, according to the symptoms of indigestion. Medicinal changes must be done under a doctor’s supervision and not on your own.

One thing all experts, doctors, fitness experts agree with is that everyone should follow a healthy diet, One that consists of all the essential nutrients such as proteins, good fats, carbohydrates etc. This is a major pointer to look out for if you desire a much healthier digestive system. Also regular exercise is also advised in order for the body to burn excess fat. This would ensure the body stays fit and no digestive system problems occur. Excess of fast food, sugar and carbonated drinks do not only give you bad teeth but also disrupts the natural process of the digestive system.