Overlocking is a process to increase the clock rate of performing components, running them at higher level than it was designed to run. It is applicable on GPU and CPU but other components can also be overlocked like RAM etc.

If you overlocked a component it will perform faster per second but it will also generate extra heat. Yet overlocking can help to get more performance out of your component or machine but they will also need additional cooling and care system.

Why you need Overlocking?


Your machine’s CPU comes out of a factory with certain performance and programmed system installed in it to run it at specific speed settings. So that it will perform well without giving any problem or overheating issue.

But if you are not happy with the current performance you can always increase the CPU clock rate into higher ratio or multiplier in the BIO’S setting, this will force your components to perform faster.

Now the point is clear that why you need Overlocking? Your machine will work faster, perform harder and components will be squeezed for every last bit of their performance. In this way you will get a CPU with faster performance per second.

Process and Methods of Overlocking


  • Ensure your machine has a proper cooling system
  • If you are a hardcore Over-locker you must have a water cooling system
  • Must read the information about your hardware capabilities
  • You must have a machine with the components ability to Overlock themselves
  • Search and select for the best option according to your mother board and processor

Overlocking on Intel Machine

If you’re trying to overclock an Intel processor you can download the Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel XTU) software. It provides access to the settings you need to overclock such as power, voltage, core, and memory.

Overlocking on AMD Machine

On AMD you’ll need to download Overdrive which is effectively the same thing as Intel XTU. It includes automatic tuning if you’re unsure of what you’re doing, control over your fans, monitoring and also stability tests.

Most of the over-lockers especially the experienced one will suggest you to Overlock through the BIOS of the system. This is the perfect way to Overlock your machine by taking low risks scale.

Overlocking through BIOS


To Overlock your processor through BIOS you need to go to your computer’s BIOS and increase the performance/CPU clock rate and voltage system settings. Increase all the settings by small ratio and then reboot your computer. Keep an eye on your system performance also run a benchmark test to see if there is anything wrong with it. If it goes well go to the BIOS of the computer again and increase the settings again by small ratio and reboot your computer. Again check your computer performance and keep an eye on it. Repeat the process until it got overload with the power and at the end decrease the settings to the last stable performing stage.

Finally you will have an Overlocked processor. Enjoy and keep visiting for further details and knowledge.