There is a certain thrill and grace to longboarding that can’t be acheived by the longboard’s scrappy little cousin, the skateboard.

 They’re not the same you moron!”

 Yep, These words (slightly cleaned up) were what i heard when i first compared a long board with a skateboard. Both enthusiasts get a little offended when you compare the two. so if you’re reading this as a beginner try not to make the same mistake i did.

So where was i?


Longboarding is the perfect past time for those of you who prefer the rush of traveling much greater distances and at seriously high speeds. In some respects long boards are incredibly versatile and allow you to perform a variety of different functions. I took up long boarding a few years ago with the intent of commuting to work. But, like many first times, I was overwhelmed by the variation in size and design and was uncertain on how to proceed. I mean, you’re investing  alot of money in a board. You want to know that you’re making the right choice. Fortunately i had some friends to guide me through the process and felt that it was about time to return the favor. So just for you- my definitive guide to buying the right size of long board.


The Basics:

Long boards vary greatly in terms of length and when it comes to long boarding- size does matter. Long boards range from 28 inches in length to 50 inches and beyond. Width is less of an issue, as most boards come in at 7-10 inches in width. The general rule is go with a width that is about the same as your shoes size.


What’s Your Style?

When choosing a length of board. However, the first thing you need to consider is what are you most interested in doing on your board? I could go into masses of different class diversions now but the sort of it is that long boarding is divided up into four basic classes.

*Downhill* Cruising/ Carving* Free ride* Freestyle.


Once you’ve  determined your preferred style you are in a much better position to know which length of board you need.


For those of you just starting out in long boarding the most important thing to remember is that the longer board the greater stability you have. But longer boards do limit maneuverability making a longer board less effective for turning corners. An ideal board for beginners would be between 32 and 40 inches. For seasoned long boarders, go with what you feel most comfortable, just remember- you’re not doing yourself any favors by down hilling at great speeds on a 28 inch board! If you are looking for more info about longboards  go here.


To sum up, the recommended sizes for each style is as fallows:


*Downhill: 36+inches. As a beginner I’d recommend going for a board above 40 inches.


*Freeride:38-12 inches. Anything above or below this length will compromise maneuverability and stability.


*Cruising/Carving:28-46 inches. Depending on your preference for maneuverability and stability.


*Freestyle: like the name suggests-any size you like! Though most prefer a shorter border for maneuverability and  creativity.


One final note- Your height can have an impact on your choice of board length as well. 28-32 inches are good for shorter riders and kids. While taller boarders would be better to go for something a bit longer. However, this is just a guideline. There is nothing stopping a shorter rider using a longer board as long as it is appropriate to their riding style.


So there you have it folks. Hope you have found this useful and don’t forget to post comments if you have any other questions or want to share your longboard experiences. Enjoy your bards and stay safe!