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Key Tips for Beginners Looking To Start Barrel Racing

Barrel racing is one of the oldest sports and it started as an event for women. This is a competition where the competitors on the back of the horse try to record the best time in a contest round the barrels (three of them) set in a cloverleaf strategy. The rider and the horse must make sure they don’t tip the barrels as they navigate them. They have to cooperate and work in harmony to get the best time as well as the freshest ride. It will not be an easy thing as a beginner to make it in barrel racing. There are some things that you need to consider if you want to make it in barrel racing. Outlined below are some of the key tips for barrel racing as a beginner.

The horse you select is a very big factor in this sport of barrel racing. You need to select a horse that is healthy and has straight legs, good hooves, flexible as well as a strong back. The temperament of the horse is very vital. You need also to check the credential of the trainer and make sure you seek the advice of the vet when choosing a horse for barrel racing. Some of the horses known for reaching high speeds for a short burst are pintos, quarter horses and paints among others.

You need to make sure you have regular exercise with the horse you are going to select for this sport. Long jogging on a regular basis will help to build a strong lung capacity both to you and to the horse. You need training for at least three days a week at a quick pace for six to eight miles in every session. You will also be able to build your stamina. It is advisable to practice riding the horse in a figure-eight pattern and circles so that the horse can be precise during the competition.

You need also to invest in buying tact for your horse. Buying sports boots for your horse will help protect its legs from getting injured. The earplugs are going to stop the loud noise from distracting it. You need to have a bridle and bit so you can be able to guide your horse. The saddles of barrel racing have deep seats and short skirts. The appropriate saddle gives the rider great stability. You as well use a saddle blanket.

Another tip for barrel racing as a beginner is that you need to stay anchored in the saddle. The rider flopping in the saddle of the horse is not good as this will result in the rider hampering the balance of the horse and pulling the bit. Your body as the rider should lean slightly forward during the race and your heels should push down in the loops during the turns. You need also to make sure you practice proper body alignment when you are seated in the saddle and at times with ears, heels, hips, and shoulders in a perpendicular line.

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