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How to Maintain your Compressed Air System

Just like any other system, a compressed air system contains a number of parts that will always need to be looked upon. All those parts need to be able to work effectively for one to get the best. One of the things that result in the malfunction of a compressed air system is lack of great maintaining. Some of the parts of the compressed air system include a filter at the air intake which plays a great role in ensuring that any particle that would have been picked from the atmosphere doesn’t get into the compressed air. Afterward, there is an air compressor that transforms power into kinetic energy through compressing the air and adding some pressure in it so as to be released at quite huge bursts. Then there is an aftercooler, which as the name suggests, aids in cooling that air that has already been discharged and the lubricant. Air receivers are there to store the compressed air so that it could be available enough when the demand is high. Lastly, we have the air dryer which aims towards removing any liquid particles that could have been forced along the whole process for water destroys the system. Compressed air system maintenances need to be done by a person who is a professional in that field. Here are the ways one needs to consider when it comes to the maintenance of his or her compressed air system.

It’s always important to ensure that the air filters are well cleaned. Any trapped particles need to be released. The air filter should be as free as possible without any cloggings. One of the ways in which this benefits an owner of the air compressed system is through the reduction of the amount of power spent. When the air filter is dirty, the system will need more power to bring in air from the atmosphere but when the air filter is clean, the intensity needed to pull air into the system will be quite lower hence lower electricity. One should also endure that he or she replaces his or her air filter after a period of at least three to six months.

The drain traps should always be assessed with the aim of ensuring that there is nothing that could be the source of clogging. They should also be operating normally without any strains or malfunctions.

The air compressor has an engine and it’s important to ensure that the engine oil is always replaced after some time. Leaving old oil into the engine tends to be a risk to the engine by destroying it. One wouldn’t want to lose an engine by just not replacing the oil!

One needs to always be keen enough so as to be able to note any malfunctions. There are some things that are just noticeable since a person has been using the compressed air system for quite some good time. Part of the things that can be noted as improper functionings include things like unusual sounds, the compressed air system having excess heat, and vibrating excessively.

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