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Important Message in Life the Summary of Rip Van Winkle

It revolves in the story of one person and his family but the father was feel asleep in a mountain and for how many years he wake up but find things different than before. In this story there are so many things that you can get or moral lesson that you can find that is why it is very nice that you will be able to read this story so that in your daily life, you can still do the things that you need to do. And last but not the least is the moral lesson that you can get in the summary of the rip van winkle. Not just the foundation of the house must be secure but all kinds of building they must have a good foundation so that they can stand in every strong calamities that will happen.

Rip van winkle is a good person to her wife and also a kind to her neighbor that when there are things that he can help then he will give it to them with a whole heart. The fact that he is not only bad luck to his wife but to his farm also that even single plants cannot grow on it and he decided to escape this kind of reality in his life. Most of the people dream to have a home of their own that why they make every effort just to have the house they want to.

On the other hand, if you don’t work while still you are young or give your best until you get the things that you need to reach due to some failure then you will stop, it will be a great regret for you one day that you are old and cannot do the things that you must need to while you are still young. On the other hand, it is very important that you will take the full responsibility that has been given to you and do not run away from it.

At the same time, by doing that you yourself will be able to identify what are the fact about it. Eliminate those who will not pass to your standard in order for you to have good vision who will be left at the end.

The best things that it must be out in hear that the things that is being given to you must be used to the right way and do not run on it but face the fact and challenge yourself to grow in that kind of situation.

8 Lessons Learned:

8 Lessons Learned: