If you have been searching for the simplest method that how can you make embroidery patches for hats then here you go! We will be telling you a specific plan. These embroidered patches can be placed up on the hoodies and jackets, on the pants and hats. Here is site where you can found everything http://divinecrafts.eu

Supplies Needed to Make Embroidery Patches for Hats:

You should have a Wool Felt, Embroidery Thread and also Heat and Bond Ultra Hold kind of Adhesive in the sheet. You should have an Adhesive tearaway stabilizer and a Dritz Fray Check Liquid, and it has to be a Seam Sealant. You should have Sharp Scissors and an Iron.

Steps to Make Embroidery Patches for Hats:

You have to prepare the hoop:

You have to get start with the preparation of the hoop. You can take advantage of the Sulky’s Sticky tear away kind of stabilizer, and then this stabilizer is recommended. As soon as you were done with the hooping, then you have to peel away the paper right from the scored area.

Head over to your machine:

After this, you have to get your computer, and it is the time to load your design. You have to do the exact and correct placement of your embroidered design. You can add this additional fabric right in the hoop.  Now attach the felt and then you have to secure your fabric down.

Get a finished piece of yours right in the hoop:

Once you have done with the design, then you have to remove the hoop. You have to tear away that plan right from the stabilizer.You do not have to trim and make the edges sharp enough. After this, you can take your design right to the ironing board and give it a gentle pressing.

Transform these little embroideries into patches:

Now you can transform all of these little embellishments right into the form of patches.You have to cut a piece of that Heat N Bond Ultra Hold little bit smaller. Then you can place the piece and design it down. The back of it should be facing upright on the ironing board. You should also put the Ultra Hold bright side right down, and that paper side should be up on top of that felt. With the help of a dry iron, you can start rolling the adhesive part right to the final aspect of the patch.

Let the piece to cool down:

Make sure that you have to place and put up the piece just aside and let it cool down. Now just open your fray check and then you have to start applying it to the outside edges.  Just peel off that paper backing and cut around these edges of that patch.

Your piece is ready:

Now it is the time to do whatever you want to do with your brand new and latest patches. You can iron on these patches, and you can go for the sewing option single post to read

It is how you can quickly make embroidered patches for hats and shirts, hoodies and jackets. It is a simple method. You can try it too. Start with a simple design. You can quickly make an embroidered patch on your own. Do try this simple and easy method.