7 Days to die is an excellent survival genre game in which you are supposed to survive in an unforgiving world. In different stages, in this unforgiving world, you are supposed to live for 1 day first, then for 7 days, and finally for as many days as possible. It is not very easy to survive in the game, because you will encounter many hurdles in your way, and it will require an intense knowledge of scavenging to survive. Different ways of crafting can also help you survive in the game. The player will have to analyze the threats and then he will have to respond according to the priorities.

7 Days to Die

When you start playing the part “7 Days to Die”, on the first morning of your start, you will be told about different tasks, like you will have to collect wood, some plant matter, and you will also be asked to collect some stones for survival. When you collect all these items, you will be able to survive at least for one night. You will also have to use ax, bow, and some arrows and this will also be suggested in the game that where to find these items and how to use them. But, after that, the guidance will stop, and you will be left on your own, and this will be the time when you will have to set priorities for yourself. The t-shirt for this game can be purchased from Sunfrog, you may get discount by using coupon codes.


Exploration in the game is not easy at all because the surroundings you explore are full of zombies, bears, and different traps. It will be extremely difficult to manage to overcome danger while at the same time keeping in mind the food and survival priorities. The game also has terrible graphics and which further can hinder your movement. If you are playing the game on the low texture, the game will look extremely ugly. Most of the time, you will see the monotonous surroundings making the game dull and boring. Fog also worsens the situations.

Crafting System

You will find that you can make any items if you have the necessary ingredients. All you have to do is select the recipe and the game will build it for you. However, there are also few recopies that require manual constitution, and for that purpose, you will have to find the recipe first.

When you reach the seventh day, the game becomes extremely difficult, because a flock of zombies will hinder your way and will try their best to kill you. If you haven’t found the necessary recipes, there will be fewer chances of your survival.

Xbox Version

The Xbox version of the game is really difficult, because there is no aim assist, and this is exactly what makes the Xbox version more difficult than the PC version. Whenever you will be firing arrows on the zombies, it will require pinpoint accuracy; otherwise, it will be missed. The other thing is that instead of a proper menu system, all you have to do is use the right thumb stick, which only worsens the situation. The CD Key for this game can be purchased from G2A, you may get cash back by using coupons.