Hiring a language tutor is one of the most effective ways of learning a new language. However, it is important to hire the best tutor for you to get the best out of your lessons. So, how do you get the best tutor? Well, you have to be very careful for there are many online tutors and not all are good in teaching languages.

For you to get a good tutor, you will need to look at the qualities of the tutor. The qualities should be your guiding factors. There are many qualities but we will mention five that matter most in a language tutor.

5 Must Have Qualities for a Language Tutor

  1. Subject mastery

There is an ongoing trend of tutors teaching without mastery of the subject. You will find that approximately 1 out of every 10 language tutors is not competent in the language he is teaching. This means that a learner has to put subject mastery as one of the qualities of a good language tutor. Language teaching is not all about knowing the language and deciding to teach. If that were to be so, then we would have millions of language tutors. A good tutor must know what it takes to teach a language. He/she must be competent in the dispensation of the course content.

  1. Innovative

Innovation on the part of the tutor is an important quality that your tutor should have. If you are learning a hard language like Spanish, you will need a Spanish tutor online on Preply website who is innovative. This means that the tutor should go out of the ordinary ways to employ new and innovative teaching methods to help the learner understand the new language effectively. An innovative tutor will use different learning materials just to ensure that the learner is comfortable in the learning process. Furthermore, this quality boosts the rate of comprehension of the new language by a learner.



A language tutor might have mastery of subject but with no experience. Such a tutor is not the best option for a beginner learning a new language. Experience is an important quality that a tutor must have for him to teach well. Experienced tutors know how to handle learners of different levels. Therefore, you must inquire about the experience of a tutor before hiring the tutor. This will help you avoid disappointments after you have already hired the tutor, just to find that he is inexperienced and does not help you to learn the language effectively.


While teaching languages is just a normal career like many others, there is more into it than other careers. Here, you need a passionate tutor to help you in your quest to learn the language. A passionate tutor is in a better position to teach a new language than he who is not passionate. This is because language learning involves emotional responses that only a passionate tutor can evoke. Emotions play a big role in making a person learn language fast hence, the need to hire a passionate tutor and can evoke emotional responses.


One of the most important qualities that people often forget to look for in a tutor is accessibility. It is important to look for an accessible tutor when hiring one. You can find a tutor with all the good teaching qualities but you cannot access him. It is useless to have such a tutor because he will not help you when you need him. This quality is important for people who intend to learn languages online. Online language learning offers flexibility and therefore the need to have a tutor that you can access during your free hours.

These top five qualities will guide you to get the best tutor for your language course. When you use them as your guide, you can be sure of getting the best language tutor.