If you want to get reviews on  products or services and get more exposure then one guaranteed means of doing so is simply by having it evaluated by influencers. As a result of the following influencers control and the confidence that is placed in them, an outstanding review can even help to convince consumers to purchase your product or service.

Of course before you could enjoy those positive aspects, the very first thing you must do is entice influencers to analysis your product or service. That isn’t as simple as it sounds, and listed below are three ways that tend to give good result:

• Establish a connection with influencers
Instead of simply cold emailing influencers and telling them to review your products, it is best if you cultivate a real relationship with them first. Follow them on social media, comment on their articles, and also try to start a discussion.

If possible you may want to try searching for the influencers you’re considering linking with on LinkedIn or perhaps other social networks and see if anyone you already know could introduce you personally. It never hurts to start building relationships with influencers in your niche or market, since they may come in handy in the future too.

• Offer reasonable compensation
In these modern times the majority of influencers with a moderate following (or better) are flooded with requests to review products in return for a free demo. If you are attempting to reciprocate then your product or service is likely to wind up lost in the market of offers that arrive every day in their inbox.

Nevertheless if you’re willing to provide financial compensation (which the majority of top-tier influencers need anyway), then your product is more likely to be reviewed. Otherwise you may want to try offering multiple samples that influencers may use as gifts for giveaways.

• Connect with influencers who definitely are passionate about your product or service
Assuming you don’t want to go down the monetary commission means, then it is very important that you connect with influencers who are already passionate about your products. By doing so, it is more likely that they will be interested in your offer of a free sample in return for a blog review.

As you can imagine this is still a lot more difficult and it may take time to study and contact several influencers before someone bites. One option is to see which influencers are reviewing your competitor’s items, as they may be enthusiastic about yours too.

In the beginning it may look tough (or even almost unachievable) to get blog reviews from the influencers that you’re after. However provided that you’re patient and keep trying other ways of doing so, you’ll begin to make progress in the end.

When you are able to interact with influencers and influence them to review your products – keep cultivating those connections. In the long term having a relationship with several influencers in your niche will make it much easier if you ever need to have products reviewed in the future, or are interested in teaming up with them to advertise your product or service in other ways too.