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The Benefits of a Gastric Balloon Procedure

Being overweight is something that’s hard for anyone. In fact, there are some things of which could hinder you to fully enjoy the benefits. You also feel that a lot of people are looking at you, especially at restaurants and when you go shopping. Some even tries to avoid looking at a mirror.

When a person loses weight, they are able to get positive health effects to their body and the more weight they are able to lose, the lesser the chance of getting health problems. There are different options nowadays when it comes to losing weight and one of it would be through the gastric balloon procedure. Below are some of the benefits that can be acquired from such procedure.

No Need for Surgery

In such process, the patient will be sedated and there will be a thin tube that will carry the silicone balloon inside and will be guided down the throat to the stomach. The doctor then uses an endoscope, which is actually a small tube equipped with a camera in order for them to observe the silicone balloon that’s placed inside after being inflated with saline.

After the balloon had been inflated and once this is sealed, the tube is then going to be withdrawn and the procedure then is finished. It usually takes about 30 minutes from start to finish and the patients then goes home on the same day. The balloon is going to be left inside and this will then be removed through the use of an endoscope.

Is Temporary and can be Removed

Gastric balloons are going to be placed inside the stomach of the patient for 6 months before removing it. But if there are any circumstances where this needs to be removed sooner, you could have it taken out any time.

Cheaper than Surgery

The cost of a gastric balloon procedure is actually much lesser compared to the average cost on other kinds of weight loss surgery.

You are Eligible

There are a lot of insurance companies and clinics that needs the candidates to have high BMIs and severe weight-related health issues before being considered ready for the gastric bypass surgery. However, a gastric balloon procedure could be done to those having low BMIs and have less total weight that they wanted to lose.

Produce Results

The result of a gastric balloon weight loss for most patients in the six months period have lost about 20 – 50 pounds, which depends on the starting weight. After the removal of the balloon, the patient will then be able to continue losing weight and they can then maintain a healthy physique with new exercise and diet routines introduced.

3 Tips from Someone With Experience

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