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Things To Add To Your Baby Custom Keepsake Box

The keepsake box is used to store memories of a child from when the first day he or she was born up to the time when he or she becomes of is of age. It is good to keep the first photos when one was an infant and the photos that one takes as the baby continues to grow. Having a keepsake box is like having a treasure for your child as he or she will treasure the things that you have kept in the keepsake box for him or her to see when he or she is all grown up.

It is good to prepare early for the keepsake box so that you don’t miss the opportunity of keeping the early memories of your child’s life. It is encouraged to have a keep box before one gets to the hospital to deliver a child. One can buy a keepsake box from stores that stock different types of keepsake box or one can decide to have a custom made keepsake box with a unique shape that the child will love when presented with the keepsake box when that time comes. Preparing early helps you not to be bothering your family members and friends to get you a keepsake box as you will not be able to move around for a period of time when you give birth.

You can put the hospital baby wrist that one is given in the hospital when the baby is born. The baby wrist band is an important item to place in the keepsake box as it has the first details of the baby when he or she was born. The wrist band can have details like the date and time of birth. This will help you remember the exact time of the day when the child was born. The child will be sure of his birthday getting to know even the particular time he or she first breathed in this world. The wrist band has the details of the hospital name and at times there some wrist bands that have details of the nurse who helped in the delivery room.

You can choose to keep the first clothes the baby wore when one came into this world. This is important as the child will be able to see how tiny he or she was if could fit in the tiny clothes presented in the keepsake box when he or she is of age. Remember to keep the first baby shoe you buy for the child. The child will be able to appreciate you for taking care of him or her after seeing how tiny the shoe was in his or her early life. Some parents like putting a strand of hair to show their kid how his or her hair was like when one was born. The kid will appreciate having this things as he or she will be able to show the friends and his or her kids if the child decides to get married and have kids when he or she become a responsible adult in later years.

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