Searching for fantastic Thanksgiving Card Ideas? Get help through our wonderful Thanksgiving Card Ideas to please your loved ones. And also plan some elegant surprise for your family, friends, and loved ones who are far away from you.

Thanksgiving is actually a meaningful event, which means to pay Thanks, all of our loved ones and to God for His Mercy, Kindness, and Blessings on us. The Day of Thanksgiving is celebrated in many countries around the world but the celebration Dates and Days are different. Mostly Thanksgiving is celebrated as a harvest Festival. But in USA Thanksgiving has a painful story and history behind. In Canada, the Day of Thanksgiving is observed on Second Monday of October and in UK and US on Fourth Thursday of November.

In UK and US, this year’s Thanksgiving is coming on 24 November. Thanksgiving celebration is a combination of Traditional and modern ways, which includes so many Thanksgiving Activities. So do you want to try something unique and amazing to please your loved ones this year’s Thanksgiving Day? If yes then join us and get the best Thanksgiving Card Ideas to create wonderful and unique cards for this year’s event.

Let’s start the amazing creations with our Thanksgiving Card Ideas right now!

1.   Special Turkey Style Thanksgiving Card Ideas:


Things that you need

  • Paper Card in White, Persimmon, Orange, Yellow and Brown Superfine White Paper
  • Ice-cream Sticks
  • Small sized Feathers in different colors
  • Glue


Make a sketch of Turkey bird on the white paper card . Glue two ice-cream stick to make feet and glue the colorful feathers to make its feathers. Now cut the Orange, Persimmon, and Brown papers to shape the turkey and glue on the white paper card. Make the nose with yellow and eye with black pen or marker. Write Happy Thanksgiving in an elegant writing style.

2.   An Elegant Thanksgiving Card Ideas:  


Required Things

  • White Paper Card
  • One Small tree branch
  • Thin Gold Ribbon
  • Fomic Sheet in Green and Orange and Gold
  • One Large orange Button


Cut different style flower petal with all Fomic sheet colors and glue them shaping the beautiful flower. Glue the small sized branch along Make a knot of Gold ribbon through button holes and glue them on the top and that’s it.  And write Thanksgiving in a beautiful writing style.

3.   Ribbon Art Thanksgiving Card Ideas:


Required Things

  • Japanese Wood Paper with a beautiful Pattern
  • Buttons of different colors
  • Ribbon in White, Green, Olive, Orange, Black and Blue
  • Glue


Make beautiful Flower Patel of different colors and branches with green and olive colors by folding the ribbon. Now make a butterfly using black, orange, yellow and white ribbon by folding it. Now glue them all in an eye-catching style on the Japanese Wood Paper and that’s it.

4.   Natural Thanksgiving Card Ideas:  


Required Things

  • Some Fall Leave in beautiful shape
  • Glue
  • Glitter in Gold
  • One Thumb Pin
  • One thin ribbon
  • Brown Paper Card with Beautiful Pattern
  • Spray Paint in different colors


Take some dry fall leaves in different shapes from your garden. Color them in different using spray paint to make them more beautiful. Now glue them on the Paper Card in an elegant style and for the top one use glitter to highlight. Take the ribbon, tie a knot with it and glue it with a thumb Pin. At the end write, the recipient’s name and Thanksgiving Message and You have done!